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Jan 24

Northeast blizzard postpones Boston SPIN talk. On to Munich

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Michael Mah’s lecture on Agile, scheduled for Jan. 21 at the Boston SPIN meeting, was postponed because of the snowstorm. New date – May 20. Next stop: Munich Germany at the OOP 2014 Conference Feb 6-7. Initial results from the comparative study of Agile development practices draws contrasts between the local community in Munich and […]

Nov 11

Michael Mah – Secrets of Agile Release Planning, at Better Software Conference

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Michael Mah to Reveal Game changing Practices in Software, Secrets of Agile Release Planning, at Better Software Conference QSM Associates to Present Retrospectives on Agile Practices, Including Real-world Metrics versus Waterfall Development BOSTON, Nov. 8, 2013 – Michael C. Mah, one of the leading thinkers on the Agile development scene today, will lead two revealing […]

Sep 23

Michael Mah’s PNWSQC Keynote 10/14: What Data Says in Recent Agile Benchmark Research

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Oct. 14-16 in Portland: “Agile as Game Changer: What Data Says from Recent Agile Benchmark Research.” Michael Mah, managing partner of QSM Associates Inc., delivers the keynote at the Pacific Northwest Quality Software Conference Oct. 14-16, 2013 in Portland, Oregon. Here’s a sneak preview… With Agile now becoming mainstream, what’s happening on the topic of […]