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Sep 10

Cutter Council Opinion on XP

by Chad, Cutter, No Comments

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September 10, 2005 The Cutter Technology Council has weighed in with their opinion on Extreme Programming (XP). The “Assertion” is that XP has “come of age”. I recall that, during the initial years, many sniffed at it with only mild curiosity. A common phrase was that the approach was “good for ‘pond-bridges’, but maybe not […]

Sep 7

Extreme Programming – Productivity Metrics

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September 7, 2005 Tom DeMarco recently called. The Cutter Technology Council is issuing a Council Opinion on Extreme Programming. I find these Council reports extraordinary. The format is like a U.S. Supreme Court position, where the topic at hand is invited for concurrent or dissent by the group. I find myself always wanting to hear […]

Sep 5

Deadline Dynamics

by Chad, Michael Mah, No Comments

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September 5, 2005 Ahh.. it’s good to be blogging. I thought it wise to get things going by taking straight aim at a central issue that, for me, is at the essence of social and organizational dynamics in the Information Economy: Time Pressure. In fact, time pressure is so omnipresent, I feel it’s the driving […]