we have tools for better estimating and decision-making.

SLIM Tools

slim-cycle3Software Lifecycle Management brings better decision-making at each stage of the lifecycle: estimating, tracking and benchmarking.

Each tool delivers stand-alone results or as part of QSM’s integrated suite of proven software metrics tools.

SLIM-Estimate® reliably estimates cost, schedule and quality for projects under tight deadlines. Compared with traditional estimation methods, SLIM-Estimate results are produced much faster, using industry benchmarks as a guide.

SLIM-Control® works like GPS navigation to assess the in-flight status and productivity of your project. This tool generates an accurate predictive forecast of your completion time — within 90% accuracy — and easily assesses the impact of requirement and scope changes.

SLIM-Metrics® benchmarks your completed releases against the QSM database of more than 12,000 projects collected worldwide, right on your desktop. Create your own benchmark trends to get a reality check on future estimates and effectively manage project risk without an outside consultant.

SLIM-MasterPlan® and DataManager® are incorporated with each tool, to facilitate analysis of organizational portfolios and planning for large complex system integrations.  Roll up multiple projects with complex interrelationships and quickly assess alternatives using the powerful global what-if simulator.


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