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Consulting Services

Why engage a consultant?

Strategic consulting expertise brings objective, unbiased insight to well-governed organizations and decision makers seeking to resolve challenges in Agile or waterfall project environments. With QSM associates you gain:

  • Specialized tools and expertise for guidance and solu- tions for individual challenges or for multiple levels
    of project management.
  • Smart, strategic collaboration that supports the work of CIOs, managers and team lead- ers.
  • Tools to deliver your project release on time and on budget, in Agile environ- ments or traditional project develop- ment environments.

What makes QSM associates stand out?

The QSM database draws on metrics from the world’s largest proprietary database of completed software projects to advise your team at any phase of your project. Data from more than 12,000 projects are stored in the QSM database.


QSM Associates has more than 20 years of experience with high-profile clients in finance, telecom, medical, aerospace, defense, insurance and other large, high-pres- sure industries.

Leading Industry Tools

QSM Associates’ consulting business is built around SLIM Tools, a suite of time-tested methods for estimation, in-flight project tracking and performance benchmarking. More than 100 person years have been invested research, development and up- dating of SLIM Tools.

Superior Certified Professionals

QSM Associates includes software engineers and architects, published authors, trainers and workshop leaders. Our team includes certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), Software Measurement Specialists (CSMS), and Function Point Specialists (CFPS). Our team meets optimal professional standards.

Integrate your existing tools with SLIM. Via the API Interface, SLIM Tools interface with other industry tools such as Microsoft Project, Primavera, IBM Rational and others.

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