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Oct 28

Cutter Latin America Summit, Mexico City

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Oct 28

October 28, 2009

Very excited today; The Cutter Consortium Latin America Summit begins in Mexico City. I’m givng a Keynote Address entitled: “Geography Matters: What Measurement Tells Us About Agile, Outsourcing, and the Flat World.” Here’s the Agenda.

Cutter Consortium Summit Latin America: IT Leadership Starts Here

Each year, the Cutter Summit provides business-IT professionals with a commodity that is all too scarce — an opportunity to brainstorm key issues, challenges and concepts that require more of your attention than the ten uninterrupted minutes you may squeeze in on any given day — and to do so with the top thinkers in the field. This year was no exception.

Your ability to keep systems running, introduce architectural changes that will allow the business to be more agile and to operate at greater velocity, foster and fuel innovation, and help business adapt to the emergence of new market influences will determine your success. These are exactly the topics that we will explore. Summit 2009 is packed with opportunities to drill down on and debate the issues that will impact IT and business professionals in the months ahead.

The first two days of the Summit feature three keynote/panel debates, one Harvard Business School-style case study, and luncheon sessions. The third day includes your choice of longer, hands-on working sessions. Plus, you’ll find plenty of time to discuss and debate with other attendees and speakers during unstructured breaks and the cocktail party on Monday evening.

Summit 2009 will reveal new ways to think about how IT can be a differentiator for your organization and help it soar through this economically challenging time.

The power of the Summit is its collaborative nature. So please join the debate and enjoy!





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