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Mar 25

Cutter Summt Conference, Cambridge MA May 5-7

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Mar 25

March 25, 2008

Wow… I just reviewed the program for the 2008 Cutter Summit Conference which is just around the corner from May 5th – 7th in Cambridge MA. I’m told that the program will be a sellout, with registrations far exceeding last year. Take a look at the agenda; topics include overcoming organizational dysfunction, the future of Internet revenue generation, Mission to Mars: A Harvard Business School Case Study, and a plethora of topics from speakers like Lou Mazzuchelli, Prof Alan McCormack, Tim Lister, Tom DeMarco, Mike Rosen, Vince Kellen, Prof Eric Clemons, and Roberto Verganti. There will also be an exciting tutorial/seminar program with people like Bob Benson, Jim Watson, Larissa Moss, Warren McFarlan… and yours truly.

I’m enthusiastically preparing an ALL-NEW tutorial program entitled “How to Collect and Use Metrics in Agile Software Development Environments.” The fun thing about this workshop will be using real data for the workshop exercises to understand patterns on time-to-market, cost, and productivity and to better plan/manage high-pressure IT projects using agile methods. But the techniques apply to any software development environment, so it will be fascinating to gauge the audience’s response.

For more information about Cutter or the Summit 2008 program, click here.

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