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Mar 25

For All You Foodies Out There…

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Mar 25

March 25, 2011

The following url link does not refer to the software industry, time pressure on technology projects, offshoring, agile, or anything of the sort.

It’s a remarkable essay by an 18 year-old emergent writer and potential marine biologist college student named Tara Mah (my daughter) who has found her voice as she expresses concern about what we’re doing when we eat meat without considering its origins and the ramifications of how it got to our plates.

Tara has chosen a vegetarian way of life, which I fully support, and she wrote this in her new blog about what corporate food production does to animals, in order to package the nice, neat cellophane wrapped chicken, pork, and beef that we buy every day.

I was so impressed with her heartfelt insights that I told her that I would celebrate her thoughts on this issue by re-posting what she wrote on her Dad’s blog. What you read here might raise your awareness, as it helped raised mine.

There’s a Crosby, Stills and Nash song for all you fellow baby boomers out there called “Teach Your Children”. You might know the phrase where it shifts and says, “Teach your parents well, their father’s hell, will slowly go by, and feed them on your dreams…”

When I was a young 14 year old listening to those lyrics, I never imagined how fascinating it would be to live those words, now that I’m a 51 year-old single father of two. Enjoy this essay. I’d welcome your comments.

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