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Nov 22

Fortune 500 Executives Reconsider 24/7

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Nov 22

November 22, 2005

“Working 24/7 may seem good for companies, but it’s often bad for the talent – and men finally agree. So businesses are hatching alternatives to the punishing, productivity-sapping norm.” – Fortune magazine

Fascinating statistics abound from the Nov 28th cover story of Fortune magazine. A new survey of Fortune 500 male executives reveals:

84% would like job options that let them realize professional aspirations while having more time for things outside of work.
55% are willing to sacrifice income.
50% wonder if the sacrifices they’ve made for their careers are worth it.
73% believe that it’s possible to restructure senior management jobs that would both increase productivity and make more time available for life outside the office.
87% believe that companies that enable such changes will have a competitive advantage in attracting talent.

The younger a male executive is, the more likely he is to say he cares about this. Another quote from this piece: “Men are willing to talk about these things in ways that were inconceivable less than ten years ago.”

The biggest roadblock to reform: FEAR. Even though most senior-level men want better options, nearly half believe that bringing the subject up with the boss will hurt their career.


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