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Jul 12

It’s Hard Being a Consultant, and a Blogger…

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Jul 12

July 12, 2007

…because when you’re deeply engaged in projects for your clients, it’s hard to come up for air to blog, knowing that there’s, guess what? A deadline for your work 🙂 (Plus, I have two teenage exchange students from Norway living with me this month. Spectacular kids they are … and an amazing country that I have yet to visit.)

So, put simply, I’m still here. Immersed in two projects: one involves a productivity analysis using our SLIM Model (and industry database) to pick out patterns on what is so far – the largest SCRUM project I’ve measured to date. Almost 100 people peak staff racing toward an internet speed deadline. Trick is; they’re dispersed across 4 locations.

The second project is for a very large financial services company. They’re building software with teams spread around the world – across 3 continents, and then doing the integration in North America. We’ll have almost 20 completed projects when this benchmark study is done.

I can’t wait to dig deeper into both of these analyses. Later on, I can write about the project patterns, but no specifics about the company identities etc. If I told you, I’d have to kill you. But stay tuned for the debate about multi-shore and agile, and working against (sometimes insane) deadlines.

And now, I have to wake up my son to take him to camp 🙂


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