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Jun 5

Join the June 16 Greater New York Agile Benchmark Study

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Jun 5

Webcast Monday June 16 (noon EDT) – Sign up here

I’m excited to announce a brand-new collaboration with the NY SPIN (Software Process & Systems Improvement Network) – launching an Agile Benchmarking Project for the Greater New York metropolitan area.

This came about after I delivered a replay of my Keynote Address at the OOP Conference in Munich Germany, highlighting recent research findings in the U.S. compared to Europe.

New Yorkers, ever enthused about the prospect of a “Throwdown Competition,” want to join the fray. You can always count on New Yorkers when it comes to aiming to be a “Top Dog.”

If your company has a presence in the NY Area, and if you’d like to attend an informational webinar (4/29 or 5/20) to consider participating, send an email to –


NY Metro vs. Industry: Benchmark Project Contrasts Agile Software Development Practices

NEW YORK, April 22, 2014 — A study contrasting the Agile development practices of the New York metropolitan development community against world-wide results has been announced by NY SPIN, the New York Software & Systems Process Improvement Network.

The study, by software productivity researchers QSM Associates in tandem with NY SPIN, will answer several questions that challenge software development organizations, including:

  • How do Agile projects compare to waterfall or plan-based projects?
  • Are local Agile teams more productive than offshore teams, or those located across multiple locations?
  • If it is true, as suggested by Agile visionary Kent Beck, that Agile projects deliver more functionality with fewer defects, why is this the case?
  • Is the Agile development scene in the New York metro region any different from other metropolitan regions where this research is under way (Munich, Germany and Columbus, Ohio), or the world at large?

The industry study will answer these and other questions about the Agile development practices in the New York metro region, and then compare-and-contrast the results to the 12,000 completed projects — both Agile and traditional — contained in the global SLIM database.

“Metro New York is the center of North America’s business world, and one would expect this region to be leading the way in the use of advanced programming techniques,” said Michael C. Mah, managing director of QSM Associates. “Yet, nobody has compared the effectiveness and other artifacts of the metro NY development community against SLIM worldwide projects database, the largest repository of its kind. This will be a landmark study, for not only the NY software development community but for Agile followers worldwide.”

The study will allow participants toobjectively benchmark their organization’s performance to create an initial productivity baseline; to identify strategic directions and goals; and to focus their improvement efforts with optimal efficiency.

Richard L. Kuper, President and CEO of NY SPIN said, “Michael Mah, our most popular speaker, presented results from prior studies to NY SPIN earlier this season. The idea of having an in-depth analysis of Agile Software Development Practices in the New York metro region was of great interest to those in attendance. You could sense the excitement in the air. Anyone I’ve mentioned this to since then has expressed interest as well.”

QSM Associates has more than 20 years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies. The company is an affiliate of QSM, Inc., and uses state-of-the-art measurement and estimation tools that are part of the QSM SLIM software lifecycle management suite.

Two free webcasts will be held on Apr. 29 and May 20 (noon EDT) to provide additional information for prospective participants. Information on the study and the webcast can be found at:

About QSM Associates

QSM Associates, Inc. helps organizations measure, plan, estimate and control software projects. It offers the SLIM (Software Lifecycle Management) Suite of tools, so managers can benchmark and forecast Agile, waterfall, in-house, offshore/multi-shore or ERP/package implementation projects. SLIM contains statistics from a worldwide database of more than 12,000 completed projects, enabling productivity benchmarking on the desktop. Using SLIM to dynamically run “virtual project simulations,” companies can model and forecast waterfall and Agile releases to deliver on time, within budget with 90% estimation accuracy. QSM Associates offers consulting, training, and coaching to help accelerate this capability. Information is available at or email .


NY SPIN Inc. ( is a not-for-profit organization. It provides a forum where practitioners and thought leaders across all types of technology-related business areas can meet, exchange ideas, network, and learn about principles and best practices of software and systems process improvement. Participants in NY SPIN events include professionals from a cross-section of business sectors. Event participants are empowered to effect positive process improvement change in their organizations around software and systems development and management.

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QSM and SLIM are registered trademarks of Quantitative Software Management, Inc.

Media contact: Edward Bride, 413-442-7718 (

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