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Sep 16

More Data Comes In on Agile

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Sep 16

September 16, 2008

Well well… things are getting interesting on productivity, time-to-market, and defects that our research is revealing on Agile methods. The latest comes via our collaboration with Rally Software, for whom our company is an Agile Enablement Partner.

There was such ballyhoo about my recent industry Keynotes and Main Stage sessions (Better Software 2008 and Agile 2008) and webinars on productivity findings at 5 companies implementing Agile, that Rally Software issued a call to other companies to consider allowing us to measure what was happening in their organizations.

So now we have data from 4 more organizations: CNET, Accuro Healthcare, Moody’s Investors, and Homeaway Inc., who all agreed to participate in this new study and also to be named. This adds to the previous analysis that encompassed our findings from BMC Software and Follett Software, making a total of more than 30 Agile projects from 9 companies. In this latest study, projects reached time-to-market 37 percent faster than the industry average. Prefacing the results is an industry opinion on metrics from Melinda Ballou from IDC Corporation. You can read the full text by clicking here.

Stay tuned as more research findings unfolds as organizations transition to Agile methods. I’ll keep you posted on what our analysis (using the QSM SLIM model) reveals.

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