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Apr 4

Man Vans, Speed, Technical Debt, and You

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I have what some people call a “Man Van.” It has 4WD, alloy wheels, big ice-grip snow tires, tinted glass, and a 200-watt stereo. David E. Davis, past editor of Automobile Magazine, once wrote that his Man Van was his favorite car, even compared to his Ferrari and Dodge Viper. I’m no soccer mom, but […]

Apr 2

Join me at the QUEST Software Quality Conference in Boston!

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I’m excited for next week’s Keynote Address on Thursday April 7th at the QUEST Software Quality and Testing Conference in Boston. If you don’t come see me, at least try and also make it for the talks of the excellent other keynote speakers, Anders Vinberg and Peggy Layden. I’ll be there to hear their talks […]

Mar 25

For All You Foodies Out There…

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March 25, 2011 The following url link does not refer to the software industry, time pressure on technology projects, offshoring, agile, or anything of the sort. It’s a remarkable essay by an 18 year-old emergent writer and potential marine biologist college student named Tara Mah (my daughter) who has found her voice as she expresses […]