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May 25

Hanging Out with Ken Schwaber…

by Chad, Agile, No Comments

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May 25, 2010 … and keynoting with him at the Central Ohio Agile Association 2010 Conference, “The Path to Agility”. PLUS! My good friend Dr. Israel Gat will be there as well along with an incredible attendee list. As always I’ll have some surprising benchmark stats to share, which I also presented last week at […]

May 18

Showing Off the iPad in Zurich

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May 18, 2010 Showing Off the iPad in Zurich This was fun… Europe doesn’t get the iPad until the end of May, so after my SET 2010 conference speech on Offshore Outsourcing vs. Agile, we flashed the ‘Pad at the booth and got tons of visitors. Yeah, that’s cheating, I know…

Apr 13

Rightsizing Your Project In a Down Economy

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April 13, 2010 Tomorrow at the Software Quality Group of New England, I’m giving a speech entitled, “Rightsizing Your Project In a Down Economy.” Truth be told, whether the economy is up or down for you, the ideas will strike a chord. I’ll be showing QSM Industry Case Studies where technology managers set the wrong […]