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Jan 20

Agile Methods, Systems Theory, and “Mind-Blending”

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January 20, 2006 In a recent article entitled “Complexity’s Rising Tide”, I talked about modern systems and software development being primarily about the “blending of minds” among IT professionals. I consider this idea at the heart of successful innovation in a tech-driven world, where the paramount challenge is to successfully build more complex systems under […]

Jan 6

January 2006 Talk at the Boston SPIN

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January 6, 2006 On Tuesday, January 17th 2006, I’ll be giving this talk at the Boston SPIN. One theme is about what happens when you violate “Rifkin’s Laws” – just one of the dynamics described here (formerly Optimal If you’d like to come, you can get directions here. Excess Friction: How Fast Deadlines Can […]

Dec 21

Peter O’Farrell 1946 – 200

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December 21, 2005 IN MEMORIAM The Cutter Family mourns a deep and tragic loss. Peter O’Farrell was the beloved husband of Karen Fine Coburn, President and CEO of Cutter Consortium in Arlington MA USA. He died – far too soon last week – in a terrible car accident while taking his son Nathan to visit […]