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Dec 16

Film Editing on “The Producers”

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December 16, 2005 Rick Derby is an HBO award-winning documentary film producer (“Rocks With Wings”) and a senior film editor on one of the hottest Hollywood film projects of 2005, “The Producers”, starring Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and Uma Thurman. It opens today in New York and Los Angeles. Yesterday I had the chance to […]

Dec 10

Stan Rifkin’s Wisdom Part 2

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December 10, 2005 How to Select a Software Project Estimation Tool Here’s a follow up to my earlier entry on Stan Rifkin’s wisdom. In Part 1, Stan basically said “Don’t plan beyond what you’re capable of delivering.” This might seem to be pure common sense, and that it is so obvious it’s almost insulting. But […]

Dec 7

Stan Rifkin’s Wisdom Part 1

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December 7, 2005 My good friend Stan Rifkin (formerly a key member of Watts Humphrey’s team at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, and now principal of Master Systems Inc.) once penned the following criteria for software project estimation: 1) Commitments have to be based on work [scope] to be performed; therefore, there must be […]