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Dec 4

Creativity, Exercise, Music, and Brain Power

by Chad, Michael Mah, No Comments

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December 4, 2005 I’ve always talked about creativity and innovation being the essence of knowledge work in high technology. It’s also been my belief that creativity is almost impossible if you’re depressed. In any given year, about seven percent – between 13 million and 14 million people – experience a depressive disorder, and about 97 […]

Dec 1

Complexity’s Rising Tide

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December 1, 2005 Recently, I had the privilege of being a guest keynote speaker at symposiums for two of the world’s largest financial services companies, where I spoke about the people dynamics and success/failure trends of deadline-intensive projects – something near and dear to all our hearts. Between the two events (one held in Chicago […]

Nov 27

Partisan Perceptions and Ingo Gunther’s Globes

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November 27, 2005 A term often used in the modern theory and practice of conflict resolution is “partisan perceptions”. To some it carries a ring of academic jargon, but in practice it’s at the very heart of creating mutual understanding between parties in conflict, a vital step in moving toward resolution. Partisan perception refers to […]