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Nov 22

Fortune 500 Executives Reconsider 24/7

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November 22, 2005 “Working 24/7 may seem good for companies, but it’s often bad for the talent – and men finally agree. So businesses are hatching alternatives to the punishing, productivity-sapping norm.” – Fortune magazine Fascinating statistics abound from the Nov 28th cover story of Fortune magazine. A new survey of Fortune 500 male executives […]

Nov 6

Tom Demarco and Impossible Zones

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November 6, 2005 Recently, I had a wonderful dinner, one-on-one, with a mentor I am most fond of, Tom Demarco, at his lovely home on the coast of Maine. Yes, Tom’s of Maine (different Tom). When I visit Tom, I playfully call him “Godfather”. Tom, as many people know, has written several fabulous books on […]

Oct 21

Yochai Benkler of Yale on Open Source Collaboration

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October 21, 2005 On the POPTech stage is Yochai Benkler of Yale talking about knowledge and the collaborative effort of groups, and that through a participatory process, creates an end result that can be the equivalent of a full-time PhD. What this brings to mind for me if the book, “The Wisdom of Crowds” by […]