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Sep 26

In Praise of Slowness

by Chad, Of Interest, No Comments

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September 26, 2005 If you like the idea of Optimal Friction, the book, then you’ll also love “In Praise of Slowness“, written by Carl Honore. In fact, Honore references the fact that our capitalism is getting too fast for our own good. He says, “Consider the computer industry. In recent years, software manufacturers have made […]

Sep 23

Climbing El Capitan

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September 23, 2005 Some years ago, I had the privilege of traveling to Tokyo, Japan to give a 2-day workshop on software development management. It was a blast. I had a bank of interpreters that translated my talk into Japanese, which made it all the more unusual. On the way, I had the good fortune […]

Sep 19

Tools Stimulating Change

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September 19, 2005 Do tools drive change in process, or should process happen first, which then drives the organization to implement tools? This is a question I get asked frequently. My answer is both; however, I believe that the best tools allow organizations to still use what they’re comfortable with, and offer a framework that […]