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Sep 16

Why This Blog…

by Chad, Michael Mah, No Comments

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September 16, 2005 Recently, a few colleagues have asked about the genesis of this blog. As a result, I wrote the following “About…” profile that gives an overview of what I see as its purpose. It’s been sent to our blog architect folks for permanent inclusion on the sidebar, but I thought it important enough […]

Sep 13

Short Lists

by Chad, Of Interest, No Comments

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September 13, 2005 I just came across an interesting article by Steve Andriole, a professor at Villanova. In it, he talks about an experience where he presented his Top 10 CIO objectives to his then-CEO. The CEO cancelled the meeting, and told him to come back when he narrowed it down to his Top 3. […]

Sep 10

Cutter Council Opinion on XP

by Chad, Cutter, No Comments

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September 10, 2005 The Cutter Technology Council has weighed in with their opinion on Extreme Programming (XP). The “Assertion” is that XP has “come of age”. I recall that, during the initial years, many sniffed at it with only mild curiosity. A common phrase was that the approach was “good for ‘pond-bridges’, but maybe not […]