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Sep 15

Provocative Ideas in Hartford CT on Outsourcing, Agile, and more…

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September 15, 2011 Join me for two thought-provoking talks in Harford CT on Friday September 16th. I’ll be talking about trends in Managing Outsourcing, and Avoiding Dysfunction Using Agile.

Jul 7

Why I Buy Apple Products

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July 7, 2011   Recently while visiting family and vacationing in Honolulu my son had an iPhone accident – our fault – only 3 days after my daughter had her phone stolen. Micah at the Apple Store in Waikiki listened to our dilemma and logged into my Apple profile. He discovered that we were loyal […]

Jun 8

Deception and Estimating; How We Fool Ourselves

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June 8, 2011 I think everyone needs to see this morning keynote address by my friend Linda Rising at the Better Software Conference in Las Vegas on June 9th: Deception and Estimating: How We Fool Ourselves Linda Rising, Independent Consultant Cognitive scientists tell us that we are hardwired for deception—overly optimistic about outcomes. In fact, […]