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Nov 14

Nov 15th Cutter Webinar – Invitation Only

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Nov 14

November 14, 2007

I’m excited… I just finished a walkthrough with Anne Mullaney, Group Publisher of Cutter Consortium, on a special webinar that we’re running Thu Nov 15th at 11:30 am – 12:30 pm entitled, “Compared to What? A Look at Application Development Metrics”. It’s normally “invitation only” to the Cutter Consortium community.

Good news! Anne just told me that Cutter has agreed to allow us to make available special invitations to a select group of my clients and readers. We’re going to feature highlights of the IT industry observations being published in the newly released “Cutter Benchmark Almanac, Application Development Series 2007-2008.” This research report is the result of an exciting collaboration between Cutter and QSM, combining QSM’s leading edge research on the software industry PLUS analysis by Cutter authors on topics like agile methods, risk management, software testing, outsourcing, and project estimation. These authors include [yours truly] as well as Tom DeMarco, Tim Lister, Elli Bennatan, Jim Highsmith, and others.

If you’re part of our QSM and/or the OptimalFriction community, and are interested in one of these invites, email Sean Callaghan, who works with me in our QSM Associates office. Or call Michele Keegan at 413-499-0988. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

Cheers, Michael


Compared to What? A Look at Application Development Metrics – with Michael Mah

How much will your next software development project cost? How does that stack up to what organizations of similar size spend? How should you staff that project? What level of reliability should you expect? Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Michael Mah along with his colleagues at QSM, Inc., has analyzed more than 500 IT projects in 16 countries across 16 industries in order to understand:

The required tradeoffs for achieving schedule compression
The duration, effort, and staffing levels of typical projects
The relationship between programming language, system size, software reuse, and productivity
Long term trend in the software industry
Best-in-class/worst in class performers
Discover the story the data tells, and how you can apply this knowledge to improve your organization’s software development effectiveness, in this hour-long interactive webinar. Come prepared to answer poll questions such as:

What is the duration of your typical project?
How many staff months are required for a typical project?
What is the average number of defects found from integration to delivery?
You may be surprised when you realize how your organization compares to those projects included in QSM’s research. It’s this comparison that’s so telling. You’ll get insight into the question of how your projects behave in the context of the outside world.

Spend an hour with Michael Mah and understand how collecting metrics and benchmarking them against like companies can improve your chances of software development success.

Receive Answers to Your Specific Questions
The last 20 minutes of this webinar are devoted to a live Question & Answer session: Get your questions answered by Cutter Senior Consultant Michael Mah.

Register now!
To register, click here. Your webinar log-on instructions will be
e-mailed to your attention prior to the program date. If you have any questions, call +1 781 648 8700 or e-mail Client Services at

About Your Cutter Consortium Webinars
Cutter Consortium is committed to providing you with the most current IT solutions, best practices, and strategies on the topics you and your IT team are struggling with today. The Cutter Consortium Webinar series is provided to you as a value-added e-learning benefit to your Cutter subscription.

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Be sure to forward this Webinar invitation to appropriate senior IT leadership, IT and application development managers, and IT metrics professionals in your organization!

Can’t Make the Live Event?
You won’t miss out — the recording will be added to the online resource center, along with the rest of our past events.

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