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Nov 16

Nov 16th Webinar: Agile Productivity Levels at 5 Companies

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Nov 16

Michael Milutis from Computer Aid Inc. emailed me a couple of days ago. He said that 180 people registered in just one day (a record) for a webinar that I’m presenting on Nov 16th entitled “Case Study: Agile Productivity Levels at 5 Companies.” Total registrations are expected to exceed 500 (they’re currently over 230).

If any of you would like to join us, click here and sign up. Below is the abstract for the talk. See you there! And Happy Halloween 🙂

[To read an interview that Michael published from our talk on “The State of IT Metrics Practice,” click here and scroll down to the sixth entry.]


Webinar – Case Study: Agile Productivity Levels at 5 Companies

Nov. 16th 2007, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Eastern

How effective are SCRUM/Agile/XP methodologies? No discussion of current software development fails to mention these techniques; but do they work? How can we tell? In this webinar, Michael Mah will provide answers to these questions. Through his extensive consulting work, Michael has benchmarked the metrics and results of companies using Agile methods and the results are now in. In this webinar, you will track how 5 companies, all ostensibly “agile,” produced a range of quantitative results and what were the resultant implications on time to market, staffing and quality. Join us for a thought-provoking, interactive, engaging look at the how’s, the whys and the conclusions about Agile development.

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