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Jan 24

OOP 2010 Conference Munich Germany

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Jan 24

January 24, 2010

Arrived safe and sound in Munich Germany, preparing to speak at the OOP 2010 Conference. The people are friendly here 🙂 Nice to be in Europe again. Special thanks to Gunter Fuhrmeister, Frances Paulish, Wolfgang Reuter, and Thorsten Janning, who invited me to contribute to the conference with our latest research on Agile methods, and to teach my full day tutorial on Deadline Driven Software Estimation 🙂
Productivity: People, Process, and Technology

This year we address a particularly broad set of topics, mostly related to the conference motto “Productivity: People, Process, and Technology”. Especially today, it is very important that as software professionals we know how to improve the productivity of our development teams. Key factors to achieve this include people (e.g. ensuring that team members have the necessary individual and team skills), process (e.g. having processes that help discover problems early to avoid rework), and technology (e.g. modeling for working at a higher level of abstraction, architectures that enable large-scale reuse).




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