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Oct 20

POPTech: Our Hawthorn Inn Gang

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Oct 20

October 26, 2007

The Hawthorn Inn in Camden Maine is a special place. I feel so strongly about this that I added the following post to the Trip Advisor website so people can hear about it and appreciate what the inn and its proprietor, Maryanne Shanahan, has to offer. Here’s a photo of some of our gang and the happy faces. I wished that I had a chance to take this before some of us left, but that’s how it goes. (I’m in black on the far left, next to Maryanne, the innkeeper/owner.)

Hawthorn Gang lo-res.gif

Review of the Hawthorn Inn, Camden Maine

Every year during the delight of the Fall season, I return to Camden Maine to spend a special 1/2 week with friends and attend a favorite conference: POPTech.

I’d have to say that aside from the town and the event itself, much of the reason why I return year after year is the Hawthorn Inn. From the first time I stayed in the Turret Room 6 years ago, I realized I was in a special place. The inn itself is simply a treasure. Beautifully appointed, immaculate, and with a spirit and energy that exudes comfort and a feeling of being home.

Maryanne Shanahan is the soul of this special place. She is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Her guests begin a wonderful experience from the moment they walk in the door. Weary travelers will find a warm and inviting presence and a sense of having arrived to a cozy haven surrounded by a beautiful setting. Your cares evaporate, life slows down, the mind becomes calmer, and the heart opens. It’s hard to explain how and why this happens; suffice to say that it’s simply the energy and warmth of the home and the person who makes it that way.

But let’s talk about food for a moment! OMIGOD. I once thought to myself that if I weren’t in my current profession, that I would loved to have been in the culinary arts. I say it that way because breakfast in Maryanne’s inn is an incredible culinary experience. Our group which returns year after year, echoes “ooohs” and “aahhhs” when Maryanne describes what we’re about to be served. When the food arrives, the facial expressions are… well, you will have to make these same faces yourself someday.

As to the surrounding area of the lovely hamlet of Camden. It is a picture-perfect quintessential Maine coastal town. From the delightful back deck, you amble through a beautiful garden and yard to the rear gate, stroll a few steps by the Camden library and in moments, you behold the most picturesque view of Camden Harbor that you can imagine, decorated with magnificent sailboats. Take a short walk through a lovely park, and continue to take in the harbor view – and voila! You’re right in town, with excellent restaurants and fantastic little shops at every turn.

That’s the essence of it for me. I looked over what other travelers had to say and you’ll find other experiences that tell a wonderful story. For example, my friend who sprained his ankle last week wrote about how a bad experience getting injured was turned to one of caring and compassion once “nurse Maryanne” tended to him. If there was a place to be so well-cared for under such fluky circumstances, it might as well be at the Hawthorn with someone like Maryanne. But I don’t recommend stepping in potholes to find out 🙂

Just go to the Hawthorn and enjoy the experience, and you will know what others know. (I confess that a part of me wants to keep it a special secret, though.)

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