in-flight GPS for your project



Is your project on target?

SLIM-Control is the tool of choice for organizations that must get it right the first time: Fortune 500 companies and emerging software companies, government agencies and complex organizations use SLIM-Control as a GPS-like tool, to ensure that projects make their deadlines.

SLIM-Control evaluates your in-flight status and if necessary, reorients your teams for time, cost, scope or staffing adjustments.

  • Analyze and manage the “plan vs. actual” status of your project – at any point in time.
  • Provide a comprehensive view of ongoing project performance.
  • Track at the project level and with SLIM-MasterPlan® at the larger portfolio and program level.
  • Re-calibrate your forecast based on in-flight progress or scope changes.
  • See early warnings with green, amber and red monitoring and feedback signals.
  • Predict your bug curves so that your test organization knows what to expect.
  • Provide accurate variance analysis and adaptive forecasting.

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I could list dozens of scenarios when the use of SLIM Tools helped me avoid catastrophic failure…I have come to consider the use of SLIM a ‘critical success factor.’ Jim, government contractor×

…………………. Features & Benefits ………………………

Easy Setup: Directly enter or bring in your project plan from SLIM-Estimate. Set up a template for logging your actuals. Create views to track your course and generate forecasts to complete.

Flexible Metric Set: Use basic metrics like velocity, team head-count, bug rates and schedule milestones, then add other custom-metrics you choose. GPS-track your actuals against the plan and predict your end-date based on in-flight patterns.

Reusable Plan Templates: Why reinvent the wheel?  Once you’ve customized your project, phases, and milestones settings you can reuse these settings when you create a new project file.

Traffic Light Assessment: SLIM-Control’s automated traffic lights provide customizable green, yellow and red flags for easy management reporting.

Customizable Control Bounds: For each metric, you create customized ranges that determine yellow and red light trigger points.  Earned-value analysis is built into SLIM-Control, allowing you to save time and money in producing EVM reports. Augment EVM with other proven analysis and reporting methods and comply with customer, regulatory and CMMI process requirements.

Adaptive Forcasting: SLIM-Control is the only tool on the market that learns the behavior of your project in real-time. It  produces forecasts based on actual performance to date. Assign weights to in-flight metrics and quickly run best-case and worst-case forecasts, including the impact of scope change.

Log Multiple Plans and Forecasts: Store and retrieve multiple plans and forecasts to completion. Quickly reload plans and forecasts and compare them with the most recent actuals. The plan log provides an audit trail of the planning baseline — great for post mortem review.

Industry Trend Lines: SLIM-Control ships with up-to-date trend lines for benchmarking, schedule, effort, defects, productivity and other project metrics.

Dynamic What-If? Analysis: “What if?” is a question that often comes up.  With SLIM-Control’s Tradeoff Forecast you can evaluate different staffing options quickly.  View the forecasted delivery schedule, effort and cost update instantly on the screen, allowing you to evaluate your options quickly.

Integrated Reporting: When reports and graphs don’t show the entire picture, SLIM-Control’s Smart Notes feature allows you to store relevant text notes. The next time you need a custom report or note, it will be at your fingertips.

Interface to MS Office And The Web: SLIM applications are designed to work in your office environment.  When it’s time to create presentations or collaborate on the web, SLIM-Control lets you easily export data to MS Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or HTML formats.

Built-in Value: When you buy SLIM-Control, you also receive two other valuable tools. SLIM-DataManager helps you build a repository for your software project data. SLIM-MasterPlan  rolls up multiple projects into a comprehensive planning view.

Integrates with SLIM Tools suite: SLIM-Control is fully integrated with SLIM-Estimate, SLIM-DataManager, SLIM-Metrics, and SLIM-MasterPlan.  Whatever your current needs, QSM offers a solution you can grow with.

Put QSMA’s Proven Performance to Work for You

QSMA consultants are recognized experts in the field of software development planning and control. All licenses for the SLIM Tool Suite include documentation, responsive phone consultation, and technical support.

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