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Jul 31

Special Webinar – Agile Research Findings, Aug 4th 11am ET

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Jul 31

July 31, 2009

Next Tuesday, August 4th, at 11am ET, I’m hosting a Special Webinar called “Financial Benefits of Agile; Case Studies from the Agile Impact Report.” It’s open to the public; so if any readers of this blog are interested, you can send me a message and we’ll get you a URL link.

Parts of this webinar have been featured as Main Stage and Keynote Addresses at Agile 2008, Better Software, and the Agile Development Practices conference. It was also featured as part of a multi-city “Agile Success” tour by Rally Software this year in NYC and Atlanta. There will be time-to-market, quality, and productivity data from actual benchmark studies of 30+ Agile projects compared against the QSM SLIM Database of over 8,000 predominantly waterfall projects collected worldwide.

Join us if you are:

1. Interested in how Agile projects measure against industry benchmarks
2. In need of data to make the business case for Agile
3. A decision maker or team lead interested in adopting Agile
4. Considering Agile and would like learn more from others’ experiences
5. Looking learn about Agile measurement and estimation

Want the link? Click here and type “YES”

P.S. You can get a copy of “The Agile Impact Report” by clicking on the Rally logo at the QSMA Online Resource Library here.

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