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Apr 8

Stainless Steel Screws in My Shoulder

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Apr 8

April 8, 2006

Here’s a digital image of the inside of my left shoulder, showing the insertion of stainless steel screws ito re-attach the bicep that was torn off (among other muscles, tendons, and ligaments) during my recent “battle to rescue my children from a hostile bear.” The photo was taken by Dr. Laurence Higgins as he performed what was to be a nearly 4 hour surgery. He used these images to describe the work that was done to put me back together, which I scanned and uploaded to this blog after re-watching a webcast of a shoulder operation that he performed.

As I mentioned in other posts, Larry Higgins is chief of Sports Medicine and chief of the Harvard Shoulder Service in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. I meet with him in 2 days for a routine follow-up evaluation of my progress. [See the posts “I Would Be So Late If…(Part 1&2) below for details.]”


More to come on information technology and reducing the costs of health care, but I’ve been procrastinating too long to get this photo up, so I decided to just do it.

Quite a bit of my consulting work of late is with companies who are developing new technologies for health care. This is an area I plan to understand even more as our nation grapples with $2 trillion+ annual health care costs. There’s no doubt about the dramatic advances and significant productivity gains that are to be had with the application of technology in this industry. The implications for society are staggering.

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