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Nov 24

Surviving, Thriving in Turbulent Times

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Nov 24

November 24, 2008

Defensive postures abound during this current economic mess, and most everywhere you turn, the mantra is about making deep cuts to avoid costs. There’s another approach: create a high-value, low-cost strategy that increases productivity while simultaneously delivering measurable value to company stakeholders, faster, than via traditional methods.

So… If I were a technology manager, I’d be focusing on key strategies to make the best out the current situation. I’d deliver smaller software releases with high value features – first and foremost at the top of the list, use teams that are as small as possible, and avoid costly rework by making sure that “tight communication-feedback loops” help get software done right, as much as possible, the first time. And secure management buy-in on this strategy by showing them ROI numbers on how it works. Sounds like Agile development.

“Agile in Turbulent Times,” is the theme of a two-part webinar sponsored by Rally Software on Wednesday, December 10th at 1pm EST. I am pleased to be the host of Part 1, “Proving the Financial Benefit of Agile,” where we’ll show how to quantify the financial return, time-to-market, cost, and quality of successful agile strategies. The highlight will be the result of a study that QSM Associates performed on 30 agile projects across 9 companies, comparing the results against the QSM SLIM-Metrics database which contains trends from over 7,500 completed projects collected worldwide.

To read the detailed description, or to register for this event, click here. I look forward to having you join us!

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