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Who We Are

Michael Mah

is managing partner at QSM Associates Inc., based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He consults with technology companies on estimating and managing software projects, whether in-house, offshore, waterfall, or Agile. He writes and teaches throughout the software industry, and is the director of the Benchmarking Practice at the Cutter Consortium, a U.S.-based IT think-tank.

With more than 25 years of experience, Michael and his partners at QSM work with a foundation of productivity patterns derived from thousands of software development projects collected worldwide. His work examines time-pressure dynamics of teams, the dynamic developments in Agile methods, and its role in project success and failure. His background is in physics and electrical engineering, and he is a mediator specializing in conflict resolution for technology projects. He can be reached at michael.mah at qsma.com.

Read more about Michael’s training workshops and keynote talks and see videos.


Dennis T. Palazzo

is chief architect at QSM Associates, Inc. His affiliation with Michael Mah, Larry Putnam, Sr., and the SLIM Tools suite goes back to the 1980s, when he helped to design, build and support the entire SLIM suite. With a master’s degree in physics, he began his work life with NASA writing satellite flight-tracking software. He later developed statistical software for the National Cancer Institute, followed by a series of scientific, engineering and financial endeavors. His longest mission has been with QSM Inc., building commercial software using C, C++, C# languages and a host of other tools for both the desktop and web platforms.

He indulges his analytical skills, scientific training and hands-on programming knowledge with the ever-changing demands of the software development world, integrating SLIM Tools and methodology with external applications and techniques, including Agile, in the most creative ways. When not tapping on keyboards, Dennis enjoys general aviation, power boating and cooking Italian food.



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