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Feb 28

Town Meetings and Creating Community

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Feb 28

February 28, 2008

Whew! The last couple of weeks have been crazy, and as always I feel grumpy when I don’t get to fill folks in on this blog as often as I want to. Maybe there’s a new psychological condition that I’m experiencing these days – blog guilt. (Something a recovering Catholic like me can work on…)

Enough of the confessions…

What’s new? Well, I have to say that the Town Meeting webinar that I hosted – playing the “Charlie Rose” character to my fantastic guests, Mike Lunt of BMC Software and Kim Wheeler of Follett Software – was a smash hit. Very cool to just ask questions to get the ball rolling, and let Mike and Kim tell their stories about life and work in their world. How generous of them to take the time and speak so candidly and honestly about how they transformed their organizations, and how excited (and proud) they are about what they’ve done.

Didn’t come? Click here and send me a message to get a “pass” to access the webinar recording. Once again, through the generosity of Cutter Consortium.

What I liked best about the town meeting? The feeling of community – and sharing real world stories directly from these “best-in-class” companies, and hearing what worked and why, directly from real people, live and unrehearsed as they say. I have to admit that I was a little nervous at first, but we really settled into a rhythm as the conversation went on. And that’s what it was – a conversation.

From doing these, we at QSM Associates and Cutter came up with a fantastic idea to “continue the conversation.” We’re creating a Benchmark Community so that people can come together, get easy-to-use templates to measure on their own, and share the findings – and the stories – within a supportive and dynamic community. We’re going to look at group and individual project patterns – agile, offshore, waterfall, ERP, package implementations – every flavor or work under which we’re racing against those ever-present deadlines, and share what we see. Experts from QSM (Doug – this includes you 🙂 and Cutter rotate roles as the “Charlie Rose” characters.

Interested? There’s more to come here on this blog. Stay tuned. (Gotta run to my next meeting. Hope there are no typos or gaffes here… unedited as they say)

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