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Jan 10

Webinar: Agile Productivity Findings – January 17th, 2008

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Jan 10

January 10, 2008

Webinar: Agile Productivity Findings – January 17th, 2008

Once again, through the good graces of Anne Mullaney, Group Publisher of Cutter Consortium, we’re running a special re-broadcast of a webinar entitled, “Case Study: The Impact of Agile on Productivity at Five Companies.” Although normally reserved for Cutter Consortium clients, Cutter is generously making this event “open-access” to QSM clients and OptimalFriction readers.

This event was originally broadcast last Fall through the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute, and was among the highest attended sessions. I also presented some of the data at Software Quality Engineering’s Agile Development Practices Conference in Orlando last December to a strong audience response.

If you’re part of our QSM and/or the OptimalFriction readership community, and would like to join us at this webinar register here. Or call Michele Keegan or Sean Callaghan at 413-499-0988. See you there!


Case Study: The Impact of Agile on Productivity at Five Companies

Presenter: Michael Mah, Senior Consultant, Cutter Benchmarking and Agile Product and Project Management practices

No discussion of current software development fails to mention Agile techniques like XP and Scrum; but do they work? How effective are Agile methodologies? How can we tell? In this webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Michael Mah provides the answers to these questions.

Through extensive consulting work, Michael has benchmarked the metrics and the changes in productivity experience by companies using Agile methods. And now he’s sharing the results with you. Discover how five companies, all ostensibly “agile,” produced a range of quantitative results and what the resultant implications were on time-to-market, staffing, and quality.

This webinar builds on Michael’s recent webinar, “Compared to What: A Look at Application Development Benchmarks” in which he provided a peek into the productivity improvement these organizations enjoyed. Participate in this follow-on webinar and take a thought-provoking and interactive look at the hows and the whys of successful Agile development and glean insight from Michael’s conclusions about both the benefits and challenges of Agile development.

Spend an hour with Michael and benefit from his analysis of these five organizations’ productivity gains using Agile development.

Get Answers to Your Specific Questions: The last 20 minutes of this webinar are devoted to a live Question & Answer session.

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