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Apr 10

What QSM and SLIM Are Finding re: Agile

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Apr 10

April 20, 2010

This Thursday April 22nd I’m presenting case study research on Agile methods at the Nashua Scrum Club in Nashua NH. It’s entitled, “The Good, the Bad, and the Puzzling; The Agile Experience at Five Companies (UPDATED!)”

This talk has elements of a keynote address from recent conferences like Better Software and Agile Development Practices. It also packed the house at the OOP Conference earlier this year in Munich Germany. Since you wouldn’t have to fly though ash-laden skies in Europe to come join us, come to Nashua NH if you’re in town.

The meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 22. Registration and more information is available via Eventbrite.

The Good, Bad, and the Puzzling: The Agile Experience at Five Companies

Strategic software development – and failures – happen every day; Agile methods offer a major paradigm shift. But are they working? Drawing from industry statistics, Michael answers vital questions about Agile’s effectiveness, which may be turning the “law of software physics” upside down. Until now, there have been predictable relationships among schedule, staffing, quality; industry data indicates Agile may be changing all this. See productivity findings at 5 Agile companies, & the results for time-to-market, productivity, & quality. Learn the right practices for your environment, including characteristics of successful measurement. See how metrics reveal insights into Agile approaches that are becoming mainstream.

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